Ansible for the Solo Developer – Part 1

Let me preempt this whole ansible article by saying that this process will work just as well for teams.  Its only that the one-man/woman-band developer needs to learn this now.  She hasn’t got a shoulder to lean on, you know. In my daily development routines, I would be lost without my own Ansible/Vagrant powered setup. … Continued

Vagrant Plugins for Less Mess

If you’ve ever used Vagrant to develop locally, you know its fantastic.  With a few plugins, it can be even more so. A common scenario is to experiment with builds, try new servers, new boxes, and before you know it, your hosts file is filled with hundreds of sites pointing to But there’s a better … Continued

My Development Process

Today I’m going to share an overview of my development process, so I can get something else onto my newly cleaned out site.  I think this will expand into a series of tutorials, but for now, just an overview. So, imaginary scenario:  I’m given a brief and for a new website.  The client has brought in … Continued

On Starting Fresh

I am the kind of person that flits from one thing to the next, trying lots of different technologies along the way.  Over the years, my website has filled up with many old projects, most of which have little to do with my current skillset.  The articles I’ve written also provide little help for my current network of … Continued