Film Director

About Evan Payne

I live in County Kerry, Ireland, among some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.  Living here, I am neighbours with old celtic magic, and I am constantly inspired by the heart and emotion of the people who surround me.  My goal in my professional work, be it paid or personal, is to create a piece of art that both informs and moves the audience.  I believe the true power of cinema is in its ability to quickly and efficiently share emotions between creators and viewers.

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Fabulous Food Trails

Sisters Pamela & Eveleen Coyle run Fabulous Food Trails, taking the adventurous on a whirlwind tour to several of Dublin’s less known eateries and hidden gems.  My task was to document one of their walks and present it in a fun way.  My private goal was to keep the video artistic in nature (as opposed to commercial).  I love the energy of the video, helped along by some gorgeous people and settings.  It was essential that the group we had looked to be having a great time, and its a testament to the girls that there were smiles all day long, even with the howling winds of Dublin in February.  I’ll give a special thanks to Buzz, who gave me one of the best coffees I’ve ever had.  Also, Lolly & Cooks gave me a cupcake.  This was a great job.