Film Director

About Evan Payne

I live in County Kerry, Ireland, among some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.  Living here, I am neighbours with old celtic magic, and I am constantly inspired by the heart and emotion of the people who surround me.  My goal in my professional work, be it paid or personal, is to create a piece of art that both informs and moves the audience.  I believe the true power of cinema is in its ability to quickly and efficiently share emotions between creators and viewers.

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The Gemstone Ring

From the moment I stepped into Paul Kelly’s shop in Kenmare, I wanted to make this video.  I’ve always had a fascination with craftspeople, especially those that use their hands and that make tiny objects.  Paul’s hands were made for a macro lens, as was his process.  I purchased my own camera for this shoot, a Canon 550D, and I was relieved and elated that the shots held up in the low light of Paul’s workroom (work area is more accurate as its only just behind the counter in the shop).  I personally felt that some of the shots were too shaky, but I also thought that they drew attention to the process rather than detract, so I left them in.  Paul also works with bracelets and larger pieces, and I hope we can make a video of one of those in the future.