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Evan Payne


Front-End Software Engineer

evanpayne.com linkedin.com/in/epayne

I am a Senior level Frontend Software Engineer with experience in building large sites and apps with a modern tech stack. I am really in love with my work, and I'm always pushing to find new and better ways to do things. I started out as a filmmaker, and that same passion for making it work with the available resources is what makes me excel in my development career.


Front-End Software Engineer

Netcentric 2015 - Present

Client Projects = {

iOS/Android App: 'Frontend Lead on a successfully delivered a native app (iOS, Android) for a major Swiss Bank. Built using Nativescript, Angular 2, Typescript, Redux, and Sass.' ,

Living Style Guide: 'Successfully delivered a Living Style Guide project that united the sass among 4 active projects. Used gulp and handlebars to generate the documentation, and npm/sass to deliver the styles.' ,

raiffeisen.ch: 'Worked with team of 4 Frontenders to deliver a large, component-based website for a Swiss bank, using ES2016, and Sass, within the AEM framework. (Adobe Experience Manager)' ,


Internal = {

'Consolidate our experience with getting AEM content into native apps by improving the shared company wiki and promoting knowledge sharing events/talks.' ,

Quality Guardian:
'Bring inclusive design standards to the company, focusing on screenreaders, keyboard support, and best practices.' ,

Frontend Event Manager: 'Promoted more than 30 frontend-related events last year, encouraging knowledge sharing and public speaking practise among the developers. I also try and give 3-4 talks myself each year.' ,

Advocate: 'Worked with several proteges to help guide them in their careers, and set actionable goals for the year (monthly touchpoints).' ,


Lead Front-end Developer

Kenmare Creative 2010 - 2015

Developed numerous websites for clients using HTML5, SCSS and JS, within my own Wordpress framework. Built an online advertising app using the WP-API for a tourism town's website. Also filmed and edited a number of short films for local businesses.

Front-end Developer

Pro Bus & Car 2011 - 2012

Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Building a friendly online face to the company.


B.A. Cinema-Television Production

University of Southern California 2000-2004


Two Daughters 2008 & 2014


[Angular 2 , Nativescript , CSS3/SCSS , HTML5 , Javascript(ES6) , Git , Gulp/Webpack , Adobe Experience Manager , Photoshop , Premiere Pro ,]

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